Edgardo Services


Whether restoring a family heirloom or
designing new and imaginative pieces out of old
dated jewelry, Dean has his heart in the past
and his eye on the future.


























Custom Design:

A family tradition of artistry and excellence is the hallmark of Edgardo Jewelers. The crafting of fine jewelry is an artform that few master, yet for Dean Agius, the owner of Edgardo Jewelers, the skill has been passed down for three generations. Dean is also a master of a jewelry-making method known as the “lost wax process.” The procedure involves hand carving a model from hard wax and creating a mold. From this wax, exquisite rings, pendants and broaches can be produced from gold, platinum, or other precious metals. Although the process dates back 2,000 years ago to ancient Egypt, even the very best of the Egyptian craftsmen would be amazed at Dean’s dazzling creativity and modern mastery of the artform.

Whether reinventing an outdated setting or designing a brilliant and new piece of jewelry from scratch, Dean particularly enjoys the creativity involved in custom jewelry design and places his own unique stamp on everything he produces. One-of-a-kind in design, his latest original creations are on display and available for purchase.






Repair & Restoration:

With two Gemologists and Master Goldsmiths on staff, Edgardo Jewelers is qualified in all areas of design and repair. They can fix, repair and restore almost any piece of fine jewelry or eyeglasses.

Thanks to his state-of-the-art Laserstar Workstation, Dean is able to provide more services in the repair of fine jewelry than ever before. This technology not only expedites the repair process, but provides a stronger, more effective repair. The machine is also great for repairing metal eyeglass frames & costume jewelry.

Clients can even set an appointment and wait in a comfortable sitting area — with a closed-circuit TV — and watch as their repair is being performed.